Sep 7, 2011

We're getting married... or not!

First, I want to apologize for not posting with a new sim (actually that might come later today), but I'm too busy playing the game! My Sheena is just adorable and she finally managed to find a boyfriend.

On the other note... I was trying out a new skin tone by LL, and here are my impressions. I love the faces for females, they have a bit more details and some highlights that really make them look pretty... except for the lips - lower lip just looks weird.

And bodies, so much details... but not enough pixels. And not enough details on hands... also no fingernails, which really freaks me out. The point is: everything's awesome except for the fingernails thing... it just freaks me out.

And pale guys have this thing where they look like they're wearing makeup...

...but I could work with that... no biggie. Darker tones look great

But no fingernails... and I can't live with that.

But I still like it so I might get back to it at one point... right now I'm flying with Ephemera.

So yeah... I just wanted to show off Sheena's new boyfriend who, yes, indeed is Alexander Fawl.

Oh, and here's some Sheena

Happy Simming!

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