Sep 9, 2011

The wedding... and some other nonsence

They finally got married. It was all a bit rushed... but with their jobs they rarely get to spend much time together and their biological clocks are ticking away, so after one really stressful day for Sheena (who'd think being a Resident is that time consuming), Alexander let her sleep it off a bit, then prepared her a meal and proposed.

Sep 7, 2011

We're getting married... or not!

First, I want to apologize for not posting with a new sim (actually that might come later today), but I'm too busy playing the game! My Sheena is just adorable and she finally managed to find a boyfriend.

Sep 4, 2011

Twins growing up... and some new dwelling

So, my twins... that look nothing alike (not that there are not nonidentical twins out there but I'd like to see some identical ones in TS3) grew up and decided to part their ways with their family. Original plan was for them to live together... but a cute apartment I fell in love with wouldn't allow it.

So... Sheena and Faye Sands

Sep 1, 2011