Dec 19, 2011

No, I did not forget you. I just died.

Well, not died; more like got sick. So instead of playing Sims, building Arkham and creating sims, I spent a lot of time in bed, sleeping, reading and drinking lots of tea.

And, now I'm better and we've got some progress on Arkham.

Dec 14, 2011

Times like these, I remember you

I'm slowly progressing in Arkham. It's not the lack of will, but inspiration.

A Gym in the uptown part of the city

Natalie Foster

Ethan Winston

Dec 10, 2011

What silence rules the ghostly hours, that guard the close of human sleep!

We've made some progress... Arkham is looking better by the minute.

Dec 8, 2011

It may not be New York, but it's home to me

So, as I said, I've been busy with Arkham and now I'm in the mood for sharing a pic or two with you.

Sorry, sorry

I know I've been lazy lately! But in my defense, it just appears so. I'm, actually, working really hard on making Arkham a new home for my sims. We ran into some problems with Dark Harbor. It lags like a bitch and after a whole month of trying to figure out why, and reinstalling and readjusting my CC, it finally occurred to me that it might be the world and not my game. I'm still not sure what the problem is but I just can't keep playing it like that.
So, I got myself a new town (I really like) and I'm on a mission to make it my new legacy home. FOREVER HOPEFULLY!
So yes, the moment I, either get bored, or finish that I'll be back with bunch of new sims and possibly some new lots.
'Till then, stay cool