Sep 9, 2011

The wedding... and some other nonsence

They finally got married. It was all a bit rushed... but with their jobs they rarely get to spend much time together and their biological clocks are ticking away, so after one really stressful day for Sheena (who'd think being a Resident is that time consuming), Alexander let her sleep it off a bit, then prepared her a meal and proposed.

It was Saturday, so Sheena had a day off; Alexander took couple of days of, and they did it. Started preparations...

...invited their families and held a small ceremony.

Sheena is now Fawl, pregnant and happy in love with the man of her dreams.

BTW, I thought I could mention this, even though the only thing she inherited from her are breasts and eyes (which is basically the same lol), Evelyn Manow is Sheena's mother.

Happy Simming,


Sackgirl said...

Nice pics. Very good. I love the other woman in the background pining for him.

NergoElle said...

Actually that's his sister, I don't really know why she's not happy for him. Maybe it's because she's not friends with Sheena.