Dec 10, 2011

What silence rules the ghostly hours, that guard the close of human sleep!

We've made some progress... Arkham is looking better by the minute.

Downtown residentals.

Uptown residentals... one so far... not finished completely.

Dance Club (I'm in a process of acquiring some graffiti art to kick this baby up a notch).

Sports Club

Random shots

Also, I've got a Tumblr ages ago, used it-deleted-used-deleted-and I decided to use it again. Probably just for The Sims, but it's possible I'll go on a ranting spree about The Hunger Games every now and then. And the reasons why Alex Pettyfer should not be Finnick... but we'll discus that later. For now, it's just there, empty and I'll probably start to share my legacy game there too.


Eating_Cookies said...

Please upload it!! I started following you here's my tumblr

NergoElle said...

Yeah, I just saw it. I started following you couple of days ago. You're brilliant. I'm thinking of putting that Christmas picture as my wallpaper lol