Sep 4, 2011

Twins growing up... and some new dwelling

So, my twins... that look nothing alike (not that there are not nonidentical twins out there but I'd like to see some identical ones in TS3) grew up and decided to part their ways with their family. Original plan was for them to live together... but a cute apartment I fell in love with wouldn't allow it.

So... Sheena and Faye Sands

Sheena is the heir, for no reason other than being the first one I named. So she parted her ways with her twin Faye, her father Noah and her little brother Joseph, and moved into a cute little place.

Originally, the building is Sunnyside Apartments II by nengi65 on, but not being a fan of huge apartments, I turned the penthouse into a cute little one-bedroom apartment somewhere downtown in Finnington.

So, yeah, I just wanted to share this development here, since it took me literally two months to get over their teen stage. Not due to lack of interest but just a sim-making frenzy I fell into and some annoying exams.

If anyone's interested or, has an account on MTS, I'm Zorgot on there and while I don't have any uploads there (because apparently the sims I make look unnaturally), I'm quite active in Sim Pictures section.

So, happy siming and stay cool!


insanekittym said...

The twins and the apartment are beautifulll!!!!

NergoElle said...

Thanks! I'm actually really proud of them... even though they're in-game born lol

Elizabeth said...

How did you get a half wall over the fridge and counters?

NergoElle said...

That's not a half wall, it's a Modern Designer Kitchen by AweSims.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for telling me. ;D

EMLH said...

I love what you did with the apartment, honestly I just fell onto your site by accident today, and I think you are one of the most talented creator I have ever seen. Everything you do is gold.

We are so fortunate to get to use your sims in our game, any chance you would be willing to share the apartment as well?

NergoElle said...

Thank you so much, it's not true, but thank you!

The apartment is still Sunnyside from, but I dont' have neither the save nor third party CC used in here. You can get the apartment and then recreate the deco. But if I decide to get CC again, it'll probably just be deco items, nothing else. The EPs are piling up and I still have only 3GBs of RAM.

I'm really sorry =(
I can try and recreate it with EA and EA store stuff, but without all the CC decoration it wouldn't be the same.