Feb 19, 2012

Isabella Smith

Isabella Smith,
the pretty girl.

Great kisser
Star quality

Aspires to be a heartbreaker.


*You don't need them to play, but you do need them to alter his facial features.*


SkyelarMarie said...

Gaah, your sims are just so gorgeous. I wish I could get my sims lips to look like yours! Ugh, anyways...I will be downloading her soon, she is to gorgeous to pass up! :)

Heyr said...

She is soooo prettyyy. But i'm having trouble finding the everyday top.

Vanity Sims said...

She looks great ! :D

NergoElle said...

I'm really glad you like her. I know I haven't been making much sims lately and to be honest, I have no excuse but laziness.
I just noticed that the link is a dud, It's 'ladies first' set by m.calero on GOS. But I'll look into it and fetch the right one.

NergoElle said...

So, M.Calero took everything back, but I managed to find a 'WCIF' thread and there's a post with download links. Though, this is a .sim file so you don't really need to have that top, it'll be replaced automatically, but I do think it's a brilliant set so I'd recommend it to everyone.

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous! I love all her outfits too, just lovely. Quick question though: Do you know where you got her sleepwear top from? Thank you!

NergoElle said...

The sleepwear top is from Master Suite. You don't need it though as she's in the .sim file so everything you don't have will be replaced with what you do have. That's if you download the CC version. CC free version is with base game content only.

Mrtagu Sims said...

Woww !! She is AMAZİNG !!!!!
and ı have a little question. :));

Skin is included in zip/rar files? :))

Thanks =)

NergoElle said...

No, it will be replaced with the default skin you use. It's a .sim file so there are no unwanted cc.

Glad you like her, enjoy.