Dec 8, 2011

It may not be New York, but it's home to me

So, as I said, I've been busy with Arkham and now I'm in the mood for sharing a pic or two with you.

These are two apartment buildings (that are not really apartments since I hate generic EA sims flooding my game - so those are actually houses) that I'm really proud of. I especially like that one of them is not finished yet. I mean, both need couple of more details in general, but the second one is still under construction.

This is a firestation. I do believe the whole city will be done in that cyclonsue + awesim theme.

Local watering hole and library.

Some random shots

There's tons of work to be done, but so far I like it. I hope you like it too.

Keep simming.

1 comment:

Sackgirl said...

This looks incredible i love the colors, and the streets. You are doing a really good job. I am excited too. I really like the houses.