Nov 17, 2011

A little bit of progress

The last you've seen of my game is Doria and Neil having a daughter, Amber,  and another child of questionable sexuality, Seth the princess.

Well, we're talking adult now; Amber and Seth grew up (obviously, I've just been lazy on posting pictures!)

Seth went some other way, I literally can't keep up with the ladies!
But Amber got married. To no one else but her high school sweetheart's big brother, Stewart. I bet you thought I'd say THE high school sweetheart himself. Lol no, not that corny.

Since we got pets and I obviously can't live without pets, they got some too.




and later on, Natalie

You would not believe the cuteness Otto and Natalie produced!


and Sassy

But due to pets being high maintenance and Amber's marriage falling apart... and also a son so attention-less he has no pictures... some of them had to go; so Otto stayed. He's currently and elder and doing pretty damn fine.

Amber cheated... of course she cheated. With Maurice, her bff from high school. Who went from this

to this

After divorce, you'd think they'd need a time to cool of. No!
Amber in Maurice' embrace-

And Stewart not wasting any time-

BUT! Otto is helping

And for good measure: Dark Harbour

Happy simming


Eating_Cookies said...

What laptop/graphics card do you have if so do you have a link? Your pictures are amazing you should get Tumblr so you can just post your pictures anytime loads of other sims players are there you should join.

NergoElle said...

Oh, I discovered the magic called Tumblr years ago. I just don't post much. I'm more of an observer lol
I use nVidia GeForce 9500 GT (1GB). And, actually, only 3GBs of RAM. I have a desktop, don't really fancy laptops for gaming.