Nov 10, 2011

Kate Abrams

Kate Abrams,
a girl not so nice.


Aspires to be living in the lap of luxury.



Lady Elaine Fairchilde said...

I hope the CC free one looks the same or as good. The Chocolate Jock looked different in game so I had to make some rearrangements but he looks good. Shes going right into Brigeport.

NergoElle said...

Well, CC free one looks CC free. She has no CC freckles so you can put the ones you have. And makeup is always optional... and that's about it. And default replacements can also give a different vibe to a sim, but the structure is still the same. But if you download the CC version, it will show only the CC you have and other content will be replaced with EA ones.I put the CC free version because some simmers had bad experience with store content; so now I made a habit of always including it as an option.

Anonymous said...

Can you please make this an option as Sims 3 Package? Please? <3

NergoElle said...

Yeah, sure... but why would you want that? It's easier to install .sim files. Just put them in SavedSims folder.
I mean, I can do that, but it's just easier this way.