Aug 16, 2011

When models step off the catwalk

I don't consider myself a particularly good Sim maker, but when two sims I made get together and their offspring is actually a looker, it makes me warm around the heart. And no, it's not just because I see my sims a bit too personal, no... not at all! It's just that I love seeing them not being grotesque... not that there's anything wrong with grotesque.

So, Shiloh Carlton...

...married Natalie Prevoar...

...and these are the result:


...and Selma.

I wish my legacy family was this cute... but I love them too much to just scrap them for someone better looking.

So, what happened to them in your game? Are the sims I made successful CEO monsters or just another victims of a door-less room?!

But no, seriously, I'd really like to see what you've done with them? Especially if they're just neighbors, I'd like to see what they've gotten themselves into!

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