Oct 9, 2011

Life goes on

Due to some personal problems I was sort of absent from sim-making business. But playing my game is the way I let off steam, so, quite a lot happened with my legacy.

Last you saw was that Sheena and Alexander got married... well they also got a daughter... two... three of them lol

Doria Fawl

Nennie Fawl

And Shay Fawl

Shay is sort of a late one, so there are not many pictures of her, Doria already moved out and she's the heir so I followed her.

But, then Doria met Neil Hearn.

 ...and got pregnant with him... on, like, the first date... talk about being easy. But he was a gentleman, one in love, family oriented... he married her. And they had a beautiful baby girl, Amber.

And a beautiful baby boy, Seth
Yeah... a boy.

So, so far that's where my legacy got to.
There was also quite a development on Faye part but, I'll talk about that later.

Oh, and for a record...
...I love how genetics work in this game.

Have fun and keep simming,


Anonymous said...

where is neil hearn's hair from?! i love it!

NergoElle said...

I think it's from the September's store compilation... I'm not exactly sure which pack but I'm pretty sure it's September's compilation.

Eating_Cookies said...

I'm glad your feeling better

NergoElle said...

Thanks, that actually means a lot.